Scott Wainright
Master Plumbers

Reduce Your Water Bills!

We have extensive experience in rainwater harvesting and provide specialist service in the installation of rainwater tanks.

With the cost of water continuing to go up and up, a Rain Harvesting System will help reduce your water consumption, thus reducing the Water Bill that you pay! Not to mention helping the environment.

Rain water tanks are available in many different shapes and sizes so the right tank for your home is easy to find.

  • Slim line or Round
  • Small or Large
  • Metal or Plastic
  • Variety of colors

With all that variety, there will be a tank to blend in with your environment. If there is enough room under your house, bladder tanks that are completely out of sight, are available.

Add a pressure pump to your new tank and you are ready to connect to toilets, laundry and garden taps. Imagine watering the garden or washing the car whenever you like, day or night.

Call me now on 0439 493 710 and I’ll come to your home to discuss the options available and design a rain harvesting system to suit your needs and budget.