Scott Wainright
Master Plumbers

Rainwater Tanks in Melbourne

We have extensive experience in rainwater harvesting and provide specialist service in the installation of rainwater tanks.

With access to many diverse shapes and sizes of tanks we can design and install the right rain water harvesting solution for your specific purpose.

  • Be it a flat line, multi compartment upright tank for a side-of-house installation
  • large multistage catchment tanks
  • Under dwelling bladders

We have extensive experience in all installations

Where there is difficulty in draining levels and water catchment, we can supply sump pumps and other solutions to harvest rainwater water run-off.

As an Eco conscious company we favour the use of gray water systems and recycling of water where possible.

We are pleased to provide free advise on solutions to your water recycle needs, and can advise on a variety of rebates on tanks and some associated appliances.